Cosmetics, Heavy Metal Toxicity And Autoimmune Disease

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On average, women use 12 personal care and cosmetic products per day, which is about 168 different chemical ingredients. The problem is that many of these ingredients are toxic, including high amounts of numerous deadly heavy metals, including lead (61-70% of lipstick), nickel (nearly 100% of cosmetics), beryllium, thallium, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic.

Why take this seriously? Because the topical application can be more harmful than ingesting a toxic substance because it bypasses the gut and the liver. Instead, anything applied to the skin or lips goes directly to the blood circulation.

Lipstick  and lipgloss are most toxic of all, since the lips are membranous and highly absorbent. In fact, the use of lipstick has been connected with the development of lupus. Arsenic, a deadly heavy metal, has been known to cause severe illness, trigger autoimmune, and activate Epstein-Barr. Arsenic has been found in many popular brands of lip gloss at up to >110ppm, while the maximum acceptable allowance in food is <0.1, and cadmium, found in over 50% of cosmetics is a deadly carcinogen (known cancer-causing agent). ⠀⠀

The Environmental Working Group has found 146 cosmetic ingredients that contain toxic impurities, and reported that 80% of personal care items contain these ingredients.

But, as consumers, we are protected, right? Wrong.


You can read it right there on the FDA website: “Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives.” Beyond acupuncture: We work with our patients who suffer from chronic illness and autoimmune beyond providing acupuncture therapy. Health is a lifestyle, not a 1 hour per week zen session (although the benefits of acupuncture are considerably important). We walk each patient through the process of living a holistically healthy life.

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