Our Approach

The Phoenix Rising Method

At Phoenix Rising, we don’t treat your symptoms. We treat you.

Initial Visit

We pride ourselves on doing the detective work to truly understand the root cause of what you’re experiencing. We begin with a deep-dive into your health history, concerns and goals to holistically put all the pieces together, so we have all the tools we need to create your health plan. At this point, we may recommend functional labs, if we feel they are needed to glean more information.

As a Phoenix Rising client, you will receive a personalized protocol. This will explain what treatment we’re recommending and why, and provide you an easy roadmap to follow to stay on track. Periodically, we will update your protocol as progress is made. Our approach to treatment is holistic, and our plans contain unique combinations of acupuncture, functional lab testing, NAET treatments, herbal medicine, food therapy, and more. Every detail will be tailored to you and your needs.

Foundational Health

The first phase of our approach is addressing your foundational health. This includes things like nervous system dysregulation, deficiencies, diet, lifestyle factors, mitochondrial dysfunction and drainage support. 

Typically, this phase can last anywhere from one to three months.

Phase I

Gut Health

Stabilizing gut health is an important part of your health journey. During this phase, we address gut dysregulation like parasites, among other things. Parasites are like a sponge, trapping mold, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and even nutrients, so it’s important to address them before moving onto other toxins. This phase will be repeated as needed, until parasitic load is reduced.

Phase II

Pathogenic & Environmental Factors

To further reduce the toxic load in your body, we will target mold and heavy metals next. Up to 70% of homes and buildings contain mold, and clearing mycotoxins and other environmental factors greatly reduces the burden on your body.

Phase III

Immune Dysfunction

Chronic co-infections and bacterial infections are often missed or ignored by traditional practitioners, so it is important we investigate this in all patients, and treat as necessary. Infections, including but limited to, Babesi, Borrelia, Bartonella, and other Lyme co-infections will be addressed with herbal tinctures and supplements.

Phase IV

Detoxing Toxins

Environmental toxins are everywhere, and are one of the most prominent afflictions to overall health. It’s important to reduce the toxic burden as we move into the maintenance phase. We will support your cellular health and immune system with herbal supplements, specialized binders to address radiation.

Phase V


In this final phase, we can now focus on addressing hormones, thyroid, adrenals, gut biome, and cellular and mitochondrial health. We will provide general recommendations, similar to the first phase, for you to refer to.

Phase VI

Healing With Purpose

The Phoenix Rising Method

Initial visits starts at $325, follow up visits starts at $95. Additional costs associated with supplements and recommended herbs. No hidden fees associated with functional medicine lab testing. Please find more information on our booking page.

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