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What We Treat

Many of our clients come to us after they have exhausted all other options. We specialize in taking a holistic approach to wellness– finding the root cause and designing custom treatment plans for all our patients. Our acupuncture and functional medicine services cater to a variety of health needs, including fertility issues, autoimmune disorders, emotional well-being support, and more.

Autoimmune + Chronic Illness

Chronic health conditions are plaguing society, with more than 1 in 2 Americans diagnosed with a chronic illness and more than 1 in 4 diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions, including diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, PCOS, infertility and autoimmune diseases. It is estimated that as many as 50 million* Americans have an autoimmune disease; 80% of those Americans are women, and there are up to 80 to 100 autoimmune-related diseases. While modern medicine excels at effectively treating acute and emergency health issues, it has failed to properly and adequately address chronic illness. 

Phoenix Rising Integrative Medicine takes an integrative approach to addressing chronic illness and autoimmune by combining ancient healing tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern functional medicine, including evidence-based lab testing, clinical nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine and acupuncture protocols that are customized for each patient. Instead of throwing pharmaceuticals or supplements at symptoms, we dive deep into each patient’s personal health history to uncover underlying causes of illness.

*Based on AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association)

Fertility + Reproductive Health

It is estimated that 1 in 8 couples are struggling to conceive. The practitioners at Phoenix Rising are specialists in fertility and reproductive health for both men and women. Our fertility program incorporates acupuncture and functional medicine, offering a comprehensive approach to fertility challenges. We have seen significant success with our acupuncture for fertility treatments in Houston and surrounding areas.

To obtain optimum results, the fertility program is a four month protocol that incorporates acupuncture, customized herbal medicine, dietary, environmental and lifestyle optimization, nutritional supplementation (if needed) and functional medicine testing (if needed). 

For Women

It takes a minimum of three months for eggs to mature. The Phoenix Rising fertility protocol works to:

  • Optimize egg quality
  • Balance hormones
  • Regulate cycle
  • Dissipate PMS and painful periods
  • Address other underlying causes that could be affecting fertility, including gut health, food sensitivities, inflammation, toxin exposures, etc.

For Men

It takes 72-90 days for sperm to mature. During this three month window, weekly acupuncture, as studies demonstrate, is recommended in order to:

  • Optimize sperm quality (for IUI, IVF and natural)
  • Increase sperm production
  • Increase percentage of healthy sperm
  • Improve sperm mobility and motility
  • Optimize levels of hormones responsible for fertility

Emotional Health

According to the World Health Organization, depression represents the main cause of disability around the world. In 2017, more than 17 million Americans reported at least one major depressive episode within the year; however, with the stress of 2020, those numbers continue to rise. More than 1 in 10 women have been given a diagnosis of depression in the United States, and rates of depression and anxiety continue to rise each year. 

While antidepressants can be life-saving for some, they also mask the underlying cause of depression and can come with some serious side effects, and some research suggests that antidepressants are not as effective as they claim to be. There is also a significant link between depression and chronic inflammation. When searching for the root cause of depression, many considerations must be taken, such as chronic stress, environmental factors (toxins, pollutants), genetics (MTHFR), leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, food sensitivities (gluten, dairy), and past or present emotional traumas. 

At Phoenix Rising, we partner with you to uncover the true cause of your emotional health symptoms, and we target both the symptoms and the cause, which results in long-lasting emotional healing.

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