Continuous cell phone use, WiFi, and smart meters have been linked to ever growing health concerns. ⠀⠀

1. CANCER. Yep, cancer. Due to high metabolic rates, our brains are much more sensitive to oxidative stress and damage. Published papers out of Sweden have found an increase in brain cancer associated with extended cell phone use, directly correlated with same side of brain as cell phones are used to talk on phone.

2. NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EFFECTS. These include higher incidence of insomnia, depression, headache, fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration associated with EMF exposure, such as living near a cell tower, high cell phone usage, having a smart meter, and occupation exposure.

3. THYROID ISSUES. Over 20 millions Americans suffer from a thyroid disorder, and it based on studies in rats, WiFi and cell phone frequencies directly affect and disrupt TSH, T3 and T4 levels.

4. FERTILITY ISSUES. Especially in men. After exposure to cell phone radiation, human semen had higher levels of oxidation, lower sperm count, as well as decreased sperm mobility and viability. EMF exposure has been linked to sperm DNA damage, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and abnormal sperm structure in rodents and humans.

5. SLEEP DISTURBANCE. Several studies have shown that WiFi, cell phone, and other EMF exposure can lower melatonin levels in rats and humans, thereby disrupting circadian rhythm and sleep.

The point? 

Turn off WiFi and cell signals at night. Use airplane mode as often as possible. Disconnect. ⠀⠀

Info from Chris Kresser

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