I know we are living in crazy times right now, and we are seeing it all unfold in front of our eyes. It’s so easy to fall into the fear trap. I know, I get it. I think all the time how it’s so much scarier because I have children to take care of in the midst of all we are facing. This compounds the intensity.

But I stay strong because I always fall back on faith. Fear and faith cannot exist together. Where there is one, the other cannot remain.

I know I was chosen to be here on this planet at this time. I cannot sit back and watch our freedoms yanked from us or allow our bodies to be penetrated by poisons against consent. These are the infallible rights of humanity.

I understand that so many of you feel like you will be forced to do something that you absolutely don’t want to do, but we always have a choice, and the more of us who stand up and say no – no more – the easier this will be. We are stronger.

There are some things worth standing up for, and now is the time to draw the line in the sand. Call on the higher power and ask for strength and guidance. You are here for a purpose too. Find your tribe, dig deep for your strength and have courage to face your fears.

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