One of the most important aspects of health lies in the food that we eat because food is information, and can thereby be either medicine or poison. Food has the power to heal and the power to kill in literal terms, and there is mounting evidence to show the link between diet and chronic illness, including autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility, degenerative disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and all other chronic health conditions.

While the list of foods to avoid grows year by year due to the increase availability of processed foods, there is a solid list of foods to steer clear of when trying to prevent and heal chronic health conditions. When patients visit Phoenix Rising Acupuncture, we offer dietary guidelines based on evidence-based clinical nutrition because food is arguably the most powerful medicine.

These are the gut bombs that destroy gut health, intestinal permeability, and overall health.


  • Gluten, which can have significant systemic inflammation that negatively impacts all biological and physiological symptoms, including gastrointestinal system, immune system, nervous system, and skin. Gluten has been linked to depression, seizures, headaches and migraines, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, ADHD, ataxia, and nerve damage.

  • Dairy, one of the most common food allergens. Beta casein plays a role in system inflammation and can contribute to neurological conditions, such as depression and brain fog.

  • GMOs, which are found in soy, canola, and corn; these are highly linked to glyphosate (Round Up) pesticides.

  • Artificial sugars, like Equal and Splenda, which can cause neurological damage, and lead to infertility, obesity, metabolic dysfunction, and diabetes.

  • Antibiotics, which not only destroy healthy got flora, but have been linked to neurological and immune dysfunction.

  • NSAIDs & PPIs. Even though these are over-the-counter meds, they are far from harmless, as they can promote bleeding, deplete nutrients, increase intestinal permeability, aggravate the immune system, and potentially trigger autoimmune and inflammatory responses.

The good news is that healing is in the patient’s hands. While guidance by a qualified practitioner is necessary, and herbal remedies, supplements, and acupunctures help heal, the patient has the power to heal through informed and responsible life choices.

Some Info from Kelly Brogan, MD, author of A Mind of Your Own

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