Happy Lunar New Year: The Year of the Pig


You may have noticed that everywhere you look on social media, there is talk about self love, self care, and self compassion. No coincidence, as we are ushering in the energies of the lunar new year, the year of the Pig. The year of the Brown Pig to be exact. This is a year of yin energy, meaning the focus is more internal and nurturing versus outward and forceful. This isn’t the year to force things and make things happen (wait until we hit next year, 2020 when the ambitious Rat comes along), but instead a time to rest, restore, and nourish your body, mind, spirit, and relationships. Pig years mark the end of the 12 year cycle, and so purging (Marie Kondo style), tying up loose ends, and focusing on self care are ways to honor the energy of the year.

To learn more about what this lunar year has in store, turn to the expert, Lillian Bridges, in her article here.

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