Healing Beyond the Physical: Esoteric Acupuncture and Healing Emotional Trauma

Photo by Maritere Rice

Photo by Maritere Rice

In early May, I was immersed in the magical forests of the Pacific Northwest, embarking upon a one-year Master Healer program that will continue into 2019.  I set out with the intention to bring back an array of healing tools and therapies that I may bestow upon my clients, but little did I know that I would come back with so much more.  

I, along with the lovely group of healers who joined, were plunged into a deeply transformative journey that initiated physical, emotional, and spiritual healing so powerful that I can feel a change inside of me – a shift in perspective: one of growth, expansion, curiosity, and conscious awareness.  The days were filled with movement, rhythm & embodiment practices, meditations, and treatment protocols that were profoundly healing.  

We dove into the the energy of Spring – the energy of awakening, renewal, growth, and expansion. Spring is a time for action and creation, a time to connect and release that which irritates you or triggers anger or frustration. Once these energetic blockages are cleared, then vision and creativity can flow with ease and your intentions and manifestations will begin to bloom.  

My next trip to Washington is at the end of this month, where we will explore the dynamics of Fire and the energetics of Summer.

It has always been the intention at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture to go beyond physical (or superficial) healing.  In order to truly heal, one must do so holistically – from a mental, emotional, and spiritual sense.  Unpleasant emotions caused by long-term stress, past or present trauma, or heartbreak can wreak havoc on our nervous systems and our emotional and physical bodies, yet there are gentle ways of healing without having to relive the past.

In addition to acupuncture and herbal therapies, Phoenix Rising Acupuncture offers other healing options, which may be appropriate for you if you are…
* experiencing overwhelm & stress
* experiencing difficult emotions (grief, fear, despair, rage)
* feeling stuck in life or feeling paralyzed to move forward
* feeling a tightness in your chest or shallow breathing
* experiencing chronic pain, which worsens when you are tired, stressed, or overwhelmed
* feeling the need to dislodge and release unwanted or deep-seated painful emotions in a gentle way
* having difficulty focusing or thinking clearly
* feeling a disconnect between your heart & mind

These treatments are effective for all ages, including children and adolescents, especially the Aroma AcuPoint Sessions, in which no acupuncture is used.  In addition, I have added Soul Healing Sessions, an in-depth transformational 90-minute healing session, which include a combination of:
* Esoteric Acupuncture
* Aroma AcuPoint Therapy
* Transformative Energy & Body Work/Reiki
* Chakra Alignment & Energy Clearing
* Crystal Therapy
* Meditation & Breath Work

In addition, you will receive a 30 minute energy reading, which will provide deeper insight and direction. This will be written out and emailed out to you.

Please note, unlike many acupuncture treatments, which are often used to help correct an acute or ongoing health concern, these treatments are deeply therapeutic, requiring time and integration between sessions.  A Soul Alignment Session could be scheduled every 6 weeks to 6 months.

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