“it was not time that healed you. it was your courage to feel everything you used to run away from. being with yourself and feeling your tension is hard but it is the only way to release everything that has been bottled up inside you. your pain was simple asking for your attention.” Yung Pueblo

Healing is a personal journey. No one can do it for you, but there can be powerful allies along your path. Something that works for someone else may not be the best option for you. We are all unique regardless of the label (diagnosis) that may be given.

Dropping labels opens up possibilities and opportunities for greater and deeper healing. Knowing and understanding the innate ability of your body to heal is a major step forward along your path.

Be gentle with yourself. Let your intuition guide you, and align with nature.

Movement. Sunshine. Healthy nourishment. Forgiveness. Laughter. Love. Expansion. Alleviating the toxic load. These are all keys to health.

Healing is not about finding the magic pill because there isn’t one. Healing is about letting go of things (and sometimes people) in your life that no longer align or that create toxic load – relationships, codependency, anger, disgust, resentment, and fear, but also tangible toxins like alcohol, unnecessary pharmaceutical agents, mold, heavy metals, parasites, pesticides in foods, non-purified/unfiltered water, etc.

True healing is more than just physical; all aspects must be addressed – mental, emotional, and spiritual – to experience health.

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