When people ask, “but you’re not a typical doctor?”

Nope, I guess I’m not.

I believe that your body has the innate capacity to heal when it is fully allowed.

I believe that the “bandaid” approach to medicine is more harmful in the long run, as important signals and messages (aka symptoms) are giving clear signs about what is wrong with your health. When the symptoms are silenced, healing is further suppressed.

I believe that partnering with my patients and offering assistance and guidance on their healing journey is more effective than prescribing a pill. (Insert the analogy: when you teach a boy to fish )

I believe that people are tired of not finding answers to why they feel so poorly, or what triggered their disease.

I believe in empowering the patients by teaching them how their body works and the many ways in which it can be healed.

I believe in true informed consent, where the patients both knows and understands the risks and benefits of any medicine or medical treatment they are offered.

I believe that thoughts, beliefs, and past and present traumas can cause significant physical health conditions that are often overlooked by majority of practitioners.

I believe that understanding the root cause of the illness will help create a more targeted and effective approach to overall and complete healing. Test, don’t guess. Are we dealing with mold, heavy metal, environmental toxicities? How significant is leaky gut? What are the unknown food sensitivities? How well are detox pathways working? How well is your nervous system working? Why are your thyroid levels off? Are there antibodies that haven’t been checked? Why are your periods painful and irregular?

I believe that if we don’t ask why and find an answer, then there is no true healing, only a complete suppression of your body’s messages being crushed into complete silence, while all along, the disease state rages quietly.

My goal is to offer hope with each patient I see and work with, and luckily I have tools beyond traditional medicine that help assist healing without adverse side effects.

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