When patients come to see me at Phoenix Rising Integrative Medicine, it’s usually because they’re at the end of their rope. They’ve tried numerous MDs, specialists, and even alternative healthcare practitioners, yet these patients continue to feel terrible, their symptoms haven’t budged, their lab tests are “normal”, and they’ve spent thousands of dollars. They have gotten absolutely no where.

Invisible illness is devastating. Most people, doctors included, will write the patient off as crazy or delusional because nothing was found in the lab tests. “Everything is normal.” “You’re healthy as a horse.” Yet, patients come in suffering with debilitating symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with NAET and functional medicine create a complete and comprehensive treatment plan to address all aspects of health – emotional, mental & physical. By combining these modalities, I can truly see the relationship of symptoms and how each one stems (most commonly) from a common source of disharmony or imbalance.

For instance, a series of emotional traumas that occur within a short amount of time – or even over a lifetime – can create such havoc on the nervous system that over a relatively short period of time, all other organ systems are affected. If the nervous system remains locked in the state of shock or “fight or flight”, then meds, surgeries, or dietary modifications have little to no impact. So, what can we do? The best option is to go directly to the source. Treat the nervous system, unlock the sympathetic state (fight or flight) and allow the body to return to homeostasis, thereby healing all other organ systems.

There are various other culprits of invisible illness that are often overlooked, including:

  • Mold exposure, sick building syndrome (especially in damp environments like HTX or Miami)

  • Pharmaceutical or vaccine injury (Schoenfeld’s Syndrome)

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Childhood &/or Sexual Trauma

  • Overuse of pharmaceuticals, such as birth control, antidepressants, PPIs, antibiotics

  • Repressed Emotions

  • Environmental Toxins/Toxicants

  • Breast Implants (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, such as silicone)

… & more

At Phoenix Rising, we use all the tools at our disposal to determine the underlying cause of invisible illness and effectively treat the root cause of disease.

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