Letting Go


I’ve never been so great at making (or keeping) New Year’s Resolutions.  Last year, as January 1st came and went, I didn’t vow to change a thing.  However, looking back over this past year, I realized I made some pretty significant changes.  

For the most part, change is a continuous flow, which is created by experiences, goal setting, incidents, and accidents.  It is intentional and accidental, and it is welcomed and feared.  Change doesn’t happen just once a year.  Well, it shouldn’t.  If you look back over your life, you will notice that change happens incrementally.  For instance, one doesn’t go to bed one night as a Conservative Republican to wake the next morning as a Progressive Liberal.  Change is gradual, and letting go is necessary to embrace in order to lead a physically and emotionally healthy life.

And so it was for me, as to my surprise and many who know me, 2017 was a year that I said farewell to quite a few beloved things all in the name of achieving simplicity, attaining emotional and physical health, and creating spiritual abundance.   

What I said goodbye to in this year….

  • Plastics (Lots of Plastics… plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic cups, etc.)

  • Lash Extensions

  • Fingernail polish

  • Foundation (makeup)

  • Most makeup

  • Most hair products, beauty products, and cosmetics

  • Facials & chemical peels

  • All perfumes

  • All products from my popular “All Natural” beauty product store

  • Feminine products (tampons & pads)

  • 80% of clothes in my closet

  • 90% of my shoes

  • 95% of high heels

  • Perfectionism

  • Oh, and trying to please all my friends, family members, clients, patients, and everyone I come in contact with…

I have a feeling there will be much more on my list for 2018 as I continue to make necessary changes for my health and wellbeing, but in the meantime, I will be going into greater detail in future blog posts about why I said farewell to these things. 

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