Thyroid Health

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⠀An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from a thyroid disorder, and nearly 60% are unaware they have a problem, likely because the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are wide ranging:

* Fatigue

* Dry skin

* Hair loss

* Weight gain

* Brain fog

* Hoarse voice

* Depression

* Cold intolerance

* Constipation

* Muscle pain & stiffness

* Infertility

… and more


Those who are undergoing conventional treatment often continue to feel poorly because thyroid hormone replacement (Synthroid, Levothyroxine, Armour, etc.) or iodine don’t address the underlying cause of most thyroid disorders: AUTOIMMUNITY

In fact, studies show that 90% of people with hypothyroidism (low functioning or sluggish thyroid) are producing antibodies to thyroid tissue. This causes the immune system to attack and destroy the thyroid, which causes a decline in thyroid hormone levels. This is HASHIMOTOS DISEASE, the most common autoimmune disease in USA, affecting 7-8% of the population.

While most doctors know that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease, most patients do not. Docs usually don’t tell patients simply because it doesn’t change the treatment plan. (As awesome as my own MD is, this was the case for me before I became a Licensed Eastern Med practitioner & learned later.) ⠀⠀

The problem with this? Like most conventional medicine interventions (pharmaceuticals), it doesn’t address the underlying cause of the problem, and if the underlying issue isn’t addressed, the treatment isn’t going to work well, or for long.

It’s important to understand that hypothyroidism is not a problem with the thyroid, but with the immune system.

So, before ceasing thyroid meds (please don’t!) and throw your hands in the air, find an experienced functional medicine practitioner who can take a deeper dive into thyroid health (beyond the conventional TSH, T4, T3), and get started on a comprehensive recovery plan.

In the meantime, these things will definitely help:

* Vitamin D Supplementation.

* Eliminate Gluten/Wheat. (separate post coming soon. Believe me on this one.)

* Acupuncture. Studies show acupuncture therapy regulates immune response & significantly reduces inflammation

Info from Chris Kresser

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