Cathy's Case Study

chronic migraines, IBS, painful cycles

Cathy came to Phoenix rising desperate to find relief for her migraines and painful cycle.

Cathy first came to Phoenix Rising to see Dr. Earley in early 2021, feeling desperate to find relief from her daily headaches, excruciating migraines, and chronic digestive issues, which were negatively impacting her ability to work, exercise and lead a normal, happy life. The chronic pain led to immense stress and anxiety, and over the years, she began to experience painful periods as well.

Upon investigation of Cathy’s health history, Dr. Earley determined that likely causes of all of her ailments were due to a combination of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, and liver insufficiency. Dr. Earley ordered several functional labs, and her suspicions were correct. In conjunction with acupuncture, NAET, herbal medicine and a gluten-free diet, Cathy’s headaches and migraines began to become less and less frequent and her cycles became completely pain-free. 

In Cathy’s words:

“When I first met with Dr. Earley, she was extremely detailed, asking all types of questions to get to what might be the root cause of my headaches and migraines. Through NAET acupuncture and some functional lab testing we determined my triggers and sensitivities to certain foods that also directly affected my headaches. 

“I fully trust her to always help me when I’m trying to figure something that’s going on in my body or when something is off. Your health is an investment and once I started going to Phoenix Rising, I realized I had to fully invest in order to see change. I’m so grateful to finally be able to live headache free!”

The Results

After only 3 months of treatment, Cathy was completely pain free, her last migraine was in February 2022. Cathy’s digestion continues to improve and her mood is light and optimistic, with rare bouts of anxiety. She continues maintenance acupuncture and NAET sessions with Dr. Earley monthly in order to help regulate her nervous system and support her immune system. 

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