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Wisdom of the east + Precision of the west

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Like the Phoenix, you too can rise from the ashes.

If it feels like you’ve tried everything - medications, supplements, cleanses, restrictive diets & holistic therapies – and you’re feeling stuck, our Functional Medicine and Acupuncture services in Houston are here to help you find transformational healing by getting to the root cause of your health conditions. We merge the ancient healing wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the modern science & precision of functional medicine.

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Dr. Lori J. Earley, DACM

Dr. Earley, a top practitioner in Houston Acupuncture and Functional Medicine, analyzes complex health problems and provides straightforward solutions. She prides herself on not only doing the detective work to figure out the root of your symptoms, but also having the tools to help, with custom protocols for every client. Whether you're seeking acupuncture for fertility or migraines, or exploring the benefits of holistic allergy treatments, Dr. Earley combines her knowledge of Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine to provide a truly holistic approach.

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“I found Dr. Lori at the end of my rope. She was the first practitioner who truly understood the connection between food and health, and was immediately concerned by the number of intolerances I had. After her recommended protocol, I am now able to eat a meal with my family again! I’m running and playing in the yard with my children for the first time in almost a year. If you are having trouble in any aspect of your life, GO SEE HER!!”

– Monica G.

“I have been with Lori for over a year now, and I can't say enough about her and her knowledge! Root cause is the only way to truly heal and she has helped me more than words can describe - from the inside out!”

– Lindsey E.

“I am grateful to have found Dr. Lori and Dr. Jordan! I came to Phoenix Rising in desperate help to find a solution to my emotional and mental health after years of being on multiple antidepressant and other bandaids of medications prescribed to me. They did not work. I wanted nothing more than to be clean of all pharmaceuticals and find solutions to live a more pure, healthy and vibrant life. Thanks to Dr. Lori, she has made that possible and has also given me so much hope in feeling better in all areas of my life!”

– Sophia M.

“Phoenix Rising is so much more than just acupuncture, NAET, Reiki and functional medicine. It’s a place of real healing, true caring and education. Dr. Earley and Dr. Jordan are very invested in their patients and it shows. I would absolutely recommend their care to anyone.”

– Hayley P.

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