Katherine's Case Study

Perimenopause, Chronic Allergies, Painful Menses

Katherine was referred to Phoenix Rising by her orthopedic acupuncturist in New York City.

She mentioned that she was in need of a Chinese Medicine practitioner in the Houston area who could help ease her through her perimenopausal symptoms. Her OBGYN had mentioned that acupuncture can be useful during this hormonal transition.

Katherine arrived skeptical, as she had experienced intensely painful, irregular periods that lasted longer than normal her entire teenage and adult life. In her words, she had never experienced a “pain-free cycle” that lasted fewer than 7 days. She is an avid traveler and athlete, but allergies and hay fever had also plagued her throughout her life. However, she remained open-minded and hopeful, since the orthopedic acupuncture she had received in New York had proven to be highly effective for relieving her tight, aching muscles.

Instead of the orthopedic, trigger point acupuncture that Katherine was accustomed to, Dr. Earley recommended NAET to help eliminate her allergies and to help regulate her hormones. Dr. Earley also added a single, custom herbal prescription to her daily regimen, and within fewer than 6 weeks, Katherine’s environmental allergies had significantly improved. Within three months, Katherine’s monthly cycle had become regular, with no PMS and no pain or clotting. In her mid-forties, she was no longer exhibiting symptoms of perimenopause. 

In Katherine’s words:

“Dr. Lori was not only able to regulate my cycles but she also introduced me to ‘NAET’ which has eliminated my need for allergy medication. As I get closer to menopause I am confident that Dr. Lori will be able to provide the support needed for a smooth transition.” 

The Results

Katherine often expresses her gratitude and shares her story with friends and family who are in the same situation. Now, after over two years of working with Dr. Earley, she is free of her allergy symptoms, experiences normal, pain-free cycles, and patiently awaits the inevitability of menopause, with confidence that the hormonal transition will be one of ease with the guidance of Dr. Earley.

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