Lindsey's Case Study

Rosacea, Cystic Acne, Gut Health, Anxiety and Depression

Lindsey, an overwhelmed mom of two young children, was referred to Dr. Earley in April of 2021.

Lindsey came to Phoenix Rising as a last resort, as no therapy, diet, medication, supplement, or skincare regimen proved helpful in providing relief from her chronic acne and rosacea. She also experienced long-standing digestive issues, and she often had feelings of anxiety and depression. During her initial visit, Lindsey noted her insecurities with trying to constantly and unsuccessfully conceal her inflamed skin. 

Dr. Earley set forth a treatment plan that included simple dietary modifications, weekly acupuncture and NAET sessions, and reduced number of supplements to address Lindsey’s chronic inflammation, regulate her nervous system, heal her gut and digestive issues, and alleviate her toxic burden. In addition to the treatments that addressed her physical health, Dr. Earley also incorporated emotional release NAET sessions, which significantly helped alleviate stress and cleared her skin with each treatment. 

In Lindsey's words:

"I came to see Lori when I was at my lowest. It was after the birth of my second child and during the pandemic that my rosacea spiraled out of control. My face was red hot, itchy and filled with deep pustules and tiny bumps everywhere. It was peeling and so sensitive. I had tried cutting out gluten, taking probiotics, lasers, facials, low dose antibiotics and spent thousands on the “miracle” face products that never worked. I knew I needed to dig deeper and get to the root cause."

“I came to Phoenix Rising after trying everything. I was becoming hopeless, but now I cannot say enough about Dr. Earley and her knowledge. Root cause is the only way to truly heal, and she has helped me more than words can describe.

Before & After Results

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