Mel's Case Study

IBS, Food Sensitivities, Liver Failure, Parasite Infection

Mel came to Phoenix Rising overwhelmed, hopeless, and on the verge of giving up.

She had been to numerous doctors, including specialists and functional medicine practitioners, searching for answers to her long-standing, thirty year bout of severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She had reached a point where she could no longer tolerate even the most mild foods, and with each year, the number of food sensitivities continued to increase. In 2020, she was diagnosed with DCIS (stage 0 breast cancer). Her health and vitality were quickly tanking.

This fearful diagnosis led her to yet another functional medicine practitioner who ordered thousands of dollars of testing, recommended strict elimination diets, and prescribed numerous, expensive supplements and treatments. However, during this time, Mel’s health continued to decline. She had become severely weak, fatigued, and underweight. By mid-2022, she had been hospitalized several times due to liver failure. She was given – what we now know to be – a bogus diagnosis of supplement-induced liver failure, but the doctors were perplexed, finding no answers from the liver biopsy, and so they took a “wait-and-see approach”.

After these hospitalizations, she continued to search for answers, and she was referred to Dr. Earley of Phoenix Rising Integrative Medicine. Upon reviewing Mel’s case history, Dr. Earley noted that in her health history, Mel had experienced a particularly terrible bout of food poisoning 30 years prior, which had seemed to set off her digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and worsening food sensitivities over the past three decades.

In Mel’s words:

“At my first appointment with Dr. Earley, she listened to my story and immediately responded with ‘it sounds like parasites’. I had tested negative twice for parasites and she explained that the majority of the tests give false negatives. Since I was so frail, Dr. Earley did not want to rush into a parasite cleanse but instead wanted to give my body and mind time to rest and heal. We began with NAET allergy elimination and acupuncture and when we both felt I was ready, I started on a mild parasite cleanse along with the appropriate binders and support.” 

“Within a week of my first dose, I began passing dozens of liver flukes. All my symptoms, and especially the liver failure, finally made sense! Due to the flukes, my body couldn’t process the handful of supplements the functional medicine doctor kept pushing on me and ultimately my liver had shut down. In addition to passing the liver flukes, I began passing whip worms and round worms, which helped explain my long-standing IBS.”

“…my friends and family are finally seeing the person I thought was lost forever. I cannot recommend Dr. Earley enough. I truly believe she saved my life!”

The Results

After thorough review of Mel’s health history and current signs and symptoms, Dr. Earley eliminated all supplements and used NAET in order to help regain Mel’s strength and increase her tolerance to more foods, so that she would be less reactive when she ate meals. After about 3 months of rebuilding her foundational health with NAET and acupuncture alone, Dr. Earley guided her through her gentle parasite cleanse, which proved to be a key aspect to her overall healing. Within fewer than 6 months of working solely with Dr. Earley, Mel’s liver enzymes went from an alarmingly elevated 900+ down to a healthy range of less than 20. Mel continues to address the long-standing parasite infection under the guidance of Dr. Earley.

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